New Jewelry Designs from Marty Magic

Between answering phone calls and emails, packing orders to ship, and making lunch for the Marty Magic crew (her most important job, they contend), it’s a wonder that Marty ever finds time to sleep. Somehow, though, she still manages to come up with new jewelry designs!

Marty usually creates her new jewelry designs before her show season begins but in spite of the chaos of show planning, she has managed to create a few new designs.

wax jewelry design ear cuffs

Ninja Stars Stacking Ear Cuffs – separated…

wax jewelry design ear cuff

Ninja Stars Stacking Ear Cuffs combined!

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Maryland Renaissance Festival

Good Morrow to ye! The Maryland Renaissance Fair approaches!

Marty and her Maryland Crew are busily preparing for the opening of the Maryland Renaissance Festival. A favorite gathering place of refined lords, ladies, and rogues alike, amazingly, Marty has held the same booth there for the last 35 years!

There is still much to do before opening, however. Jewelry to be made, the crew gathered and prepared, and the booth must be readied for the 9 week long festival.

Opening weekend is August 23-24, and the festival runs 9 consecutive weekends through October 18-19.  Marty will be in attendance the weekend of September 20-21.

Below are a few photos from previous years of Merriment!

Put your best foot forward, Maryland Renasssance Festival

Put your best foot forward, Maryland Renasssance Festival

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Adventures in the Azores, Part 1

Marty’s son John is currently off on another great adventure — this time in the Azores Islands! John’s girlfriend Steph has family there, and the pair went to visit and explore the islands. Marty’s been getting periodic updates through her phone when the internet connection is good, and we thought that it was time to share some of the fun photos that John has sent back.

John,  Arriving in the Azores

John, shortly after arriving in São Jorge Island

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Growing a Cottage Industry

cottage industry jewelry

Alisha, Alison, and Laura hard at work!

Marty Magic Jewelry is a cottage industry, and one that has grown steadily over the past  36 years. Many shops and galleries have carried Marty’s work, and we manage a number of  medium sized wholesale accounts. We recently fulfilled one our largest orders yet, and the process was quite challenging. With that in mind, we thought we’d share our story of some of the “growing pains” we’ve experienced as we take our designs into the corporate marketplace. Continue reading

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Los Altos Arts & Wine Festival

It’s a beautiful Monday morning here at Marty Magic: the sun is shining, the coffee’s on, and Marty & crew are recounting the events of the weekend at the Los Altos Arts & Wine Festival. Set in swanky downtown Los Altos, the event features artisan vendors, live music, and a variety of activities from wine tasting to a kids’ play area. It’s been several years since Marty and Alisha participated in this festival and they report that they were lucky to have perfect weather and a great turn out. They got to see a few old friends and visit with some of their favorite regular customers!

Marty and Alisha at Los Altos Art and Wine Festival

Marty and Alisha at Los Altos Art and Wine Festival

Marty Magic Booth - Los Altos Art and Wine Festival

Marty Magic Booth – Los Altos Art and Wine Festival








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Big Sur Trip & Inspiration

Between filling a few large orders and participating in the Pirate Festival, the last few weeks have been a bit of a rush here at Marty Magic. To rejuvenate, Marty and Art took the family to one of their favorite places on the Central Coast: Big Sur. For those not familiar with the area, Big Sur is a gorgeous stretch of land in southern Monterey County that encompasses the Los Padres National Forest and the Santa Lucia mountains. It’s a rugged coastline famous for its stunning views, pristine beach coves, and redwood forests.

big sur

Coastline View

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African Safari & Rainforest Jewelry


Jaguar outside the Tambopata Research Center in Peru. Photo (c) Alex Garcia, 2014

Come with us…it’s time for an adventure. Too busy? No problem. You don’t even have to leave your seat. It’s time for an armchair safari with MartyMagic. To help you get ready, we’re offering 15% off all African Safari and Rainforest jewelry collections. Just imagine the possibilities…

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Meet Spike, Son of the Venerable Swooping Dragon

Spike, Son of the Venerable Swooping Dragon

Spike, Son of the Venerable Swooping Dragon

The Classic Swooping Dragon

The Classic Swooping Dragon









Meet Spike, (left) the son of my venerable Swooping Dragon Pendant, (right.) As the lyrics to Puff the Magic Dragon say; old dragons do slip off into their cave. I carved the classic, Swooping Dragon Pendant over 20 years ago and old dragons and old molds require updating.  Spike is the offspring of my classic Swooping Dragon and I hope that my collectors will grow to love “Spike” as much as they have his father. (Spike is quite proud of his spiky back ridge and his mischievous grin:)

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Jewelry Design is a Family Affair

Here at MartyMagic, jewelry design is truly a family affair – especially now that school’s out!

magnifying goggles for jewelry design

Molly with magnifying goggles

My granddaughter Molly doesn’t start summer camp until next week, and in the mean time she’s helping us in the studio! Molly became fascinated with wax carving – the first step in the jewelry design process we use – after watching her mother, Alisha, and I work. It looks like she’s following in Alisha’s footsteps as the next MartyMagic jewelry design whiz! In the photos below you can see her starting to carve out a starfish. I think it’s a great idea for the Octopus Garden Collection!

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NorCal Pirate Festival Photos

norcal pirate festival

We loved the Japanese-motif hats!

Back at the studio the MartyMagic crew is recovering from a weekend of carousing at the NorCal Pirate Festival. Marty’s booth was a hit — it was packed all day with stylish buccaneers trying out jewelry from her Pirate Treasure, Octopus Garden, and Dragon’s Lair collections.

The crew was delighted by the incredible costumes, diverse vendors, and talented performers. Just in case you weren’t able to attend, we’ve compiled a photo album below of our favorite moments for your viewing pleasure.

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