Maker Faire and SteamPunk Hats

Art and I drove Saturday to the Bay area Maker Faire in San Mateo and were overwhelmed by all the spectacle and exhibits. Our Sunday night dinner was with our friends from Head’n Home, custom hatmakers in Santa Cruz. When we arrived, Merry-Lee apologized for her husband Gary’s unexpected absence.  Gary was still madly selling his new line of SteamPunk hats at the Maker Faire in San Mateo.

The gorgeous gal in the second hat photo is a family friend.  I just noticed that she is wearing my Kiss Ring!.

The Flaming Lotus Girls were one of my favorites at the Makers Faire!

I hope to have a booth at the Maker Faire in San Mateo in 2012.  Keep an eye out for my new SteamPunk line.

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3 Responses to Maker Faire and SteamPunk Hats

  1. Gary Watrous says:

    Magic at the Maker

  2. Gary Watrous says:

    Link to your Kiss Ring failed for me. I wanted to see it up close.

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