Lily ponds, koi fish, and dragonflies

A single lotus flower is beginning to bloom in my pond. It is early June and I wonder if summer will ever arrive? When I take a break from sculpting waxes, I step into my back yard haven and decompress by my koi pond.  Each time that I step outside, my koi fish swim to greet me.  I know that their greeting is food related, but nevertheless I feel welcomed into their peaceful world.

One of my most detailed rings is the Lily Pond, Frog and Dragonfly ring.

“A frog perches on top of a lily pad, a dragonfly hovers and cat tails and a calla lilly curve gracefully up the band of this most detailed ring. It is pictured here in sterling silver with a pink tourmaline set in the waterlily flower.”

Art said he saw a red dragonfly the color of a ruby flitting around our pond a few days ago.

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