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Dragon-Phoenix-Tiara Stage 3

The wax carving for this elaborate commission is nearly complete.  I began working on it in late April and over the last many weeks, have devoted my design time to this project only.  Three stunning opals are incorporated into this piece; … Continue reading

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Urban Outfitters rip off of my Snake Ear Cuff?

A customer emailed me to tell me that Urban Outfitters was selling a copy of my Snake Ear Cuff. I guess this isn’t the first time that Urban Outfitters has been accused of stealing designs from others (see links below) but … Continue reading

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My 94 year old father just published another book

My father just published his memoir of the war years, Surf Forecasting for Invasions during World War II. In addition to being professor emeritus at UCSB and a world famous geologist, my father got his masters degree in oceanographic meteorology, … Continue reading

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