Urban Outfitters rip off of my Snake Ear Cuff?

Marty Magic Snake Ear Cuff

A customer emailed me to tell me that Urban Outfitters was selling a copy of my Snake Ear Cuff. I guess this isn’t the first time that Urban Outfitters has been accused of stealing designs from others (see links below) but this is too blatant. It’s one thing to create your own version of an idea but in this case it seems they have just taken a mold from my original work.

Shame on you Urban Outfitters!

You can purchase my ear cuffs and ear wraps at my website or my etsy shop.

Below are some links to other designers who have had problems with Urban Outfitters.


Urban Outfitters Snake Ear Cuff

Marty's Snake Ear Cuff photo from same angle as UO for comparison

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4 Responses to Urban Outfitters rip off of my Snake Ear Cuff?

  1. Michael says:

    Hello Marty,
    It’s been quite a while since I have seen you. I hope outside of the design theft you and yours are well.
    Is it worth pursuing? Can you do anything to Urban Outfitters or will they just blame the distributor they bought it from?

  2. If I can figure out how to do so, I want to try and link this piece on my blog, so more people can know about this issue. I am an artist by hobby, but I know how much it means to have your own unique works. My sister is a professional artist, and she had a legal matter with a man who was using her artwork without permission, then claimed it was his own! Her signature was clear on the painting! She sued the guy and was able to get him to stop using her art without permission.
    Oh, and as soon as I have the financial means, I am going to purchase that lovely snake ear cuff from you Marty, and proudly share your craftsmanship with everyone I know. Just knowing UO is ripping off your designs without permission (and it’s a crappy looking knockoff) is enough for me to never want to shop UO ever.

  3. adrian wilson says:

    So whatever happened with this? I was the person who found that they had ripped you off and wrote about it. I sent you several emails to ask if UO admitted or apologised but heard nothing back
    It would be nice to know all the effort I put in on your behalf had a happy ending


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