The Silver Corset – part 2

silver corset

We met tonight with V. for the second fitting of her metal corset cover; soon to be created in solid sterling silver and embellished with golden dragons, flames and jewels. The initial stage of the production is in the talented hands of Michael Leeds, who is tailoring the aluminum prototype to fit V’s curvacious contour. V. and her companion flew from the East coast, Sunday night, specifically for this fitting. Another fitting will be necessary before the aluminum prototype is contoured exactly to V’s shape. Michael will then create the sterling silver version of the corset and when completed, the “corset-canvas” will be mine to embellish.
silver corset

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4 Responses to The Silver Corset – part 2

  1. Cheri Lewis says:

    Wow! What a project of a lifetime to work on – it will be gorgeous and I can’t wait to see the final piece.

  2. Pete Conder says:

    What a project Marty. I am loking forward to seeing the complete piece. What a fabulous idea.
    Cheers, Pete Conder

  3. Paul Reeves says:

    2011 so what has happened since?

    • marty says:

      Hello Paul, Unfortunately the customer put the project on hold. We have created other pieces for her in the meantime, but the silver corset project is still pending.

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