Marie Claire magazine called this week

Thursday I received a call from a stylist at Marie Claire magazine asking if I could overnight them a spiro ear cuff for a photo shoot the following day.  I had not heard of the magazine, it was already late in the day and I didn’t want to drive across town in rush hour traffic.  In retrospect, I think the stylist was a little surprised that I was not jumping through hoops and fortunately, my daughter Alisha was helping me in the office.  After I had hung up Alisha told me that Marie Claire was a big deal and that I was being lame. She quickly pulled the phone number back up and I returned the call, this time in a more accomodating mode. I was to use their shipping number and I drove across town and sent the ear cuff overnight.  Perhaps we’ll see a Marty Magic Ear cuff in a Marie Claire beauty story.

Spiro Ear Climber cuff

Spiro Ear Climber cuff

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3 Responses to Marie Claire magazine called this week

  1. Rob Gargett says:

    That was a close call, Marty. Thank the spirit of the dragon that Alisha was there to rescue you!

  2. Cheri Lewis says:

    You crack me up, sometimes, Marty! MARIE CLAIRE MAGAZINE!!!! That’s amazing. I am so happy for your well-deserved success – you have earned it. xoxo

  3. Cheri Lewis says:

    You crack me up sometimes, Marty. :) MARIE CLAIRE MAGAZINE!!!!!! That’s amazing and wonderful. I am so happy for you. xoxo

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