The “Unfolding” of the Marty Magic T-Shirts

Back - Colorful Dragon Logo


Marty Magic T-Shirts- Front





Designing jewelry is easier than designing T-Shirts but we finally have two variations of the Marty Magic T-Shirt available!  Art, Alisha and I collaborated on this project, beginning with our two great Dragon Logos; The Red Dragon, designed by my husband Art and the Colorful Dragon, designed by Michael Leeds.

Zachary Kent Screen Printing


Marty Magic Red Dragon T-Shirt







Next came choosing a screen printer and wanting to go local, we choose Zachary Kent Designs to bring the project to fruition.  But what style shirts, what colors, what sizes and the placement of it all?

Modeled by Abby and John; these shirts will soon be available online but are immediately available at the NorCal Pirate Festival, this Father’s day weekend.



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