Marty at the 2012 Maryland Renaissance Festival photos

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  1. Dina Madrid says:

    Hi! Today, my sister bought the dragon door knocker at the Maryland Rennaisiance fair! Fabulous piece. We are planning to gift my daughter Rachel with it. The lady who took it down and polished it, gave it to us in three pieces, with screws and plastic rings, etc. Help!! No instructions. How do we put it together? How do we mount it? Instructions please… Thank you very much.

    • marty says:

      Hello Dina, I’m delighted that you adopted the dragon door knocker. I suggest that you take a large piece of paper and position the three parts of dragon on the paper, deciding the positioning you desire (spacing) between the wings and body. Draw an outline around the three parts. Take the wings off of the paper, lift the paper holding the dragon body securely in position and carefully mark from the underside of the paper the position the “holes” for the bolts in the body of the dragon. Do the same for the positioning of the holes in each wing of the dragon. This paper will be your templet for mounting the door-knocker. The thickness of doors vary so depending on what door you daughter chooses to mount her dragon on, she may need to purchase longer or shorter bolts, but with the included bolts, she can go to any good hardware shop, show them to an attendant and get any length needed. Many people choose to mount the dragon on an interior door. The door will need to be drilled from the inside (back.) Hopefully, she is handy with a drill….but she might want to hire a contractor to help her with the installation.
      Thank you and Enjoy! Marty

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