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Angel Kitty Ear Cuff Takes Flight

My new Angel Kitty Ear Cuff is ready to take flight in both sterling silver and in bronze. The inspiration for this whimsical Angel Kitty Ear Cuff design fell from the heavens, quite by accident. Alisha was putting away an … Continue reading

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Introducing the Marty Magic Throne Dragon Ear Wrap

After nearly 40 hours wax carving, I just completed one of my best and most complex dragon ear wrap designs. This sculptural and very detailed Dragon Ear Wrap soars gracefully down along the curvature of the left ear. I proudly … Continue reading

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Alisha’s Sugar Glider Charm takes Flight

Alisha’s precious Sugar Glider Charm is now ready for adoption.  I am proud of my daughter’s quick mastery of wax carving and delighted with her new creation. Some fun facts about Sugar Gliders: They are marsupials and after birth, navigate … Continue reading

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A Toast to Original Moe

  This blog is a commemorative to my friend and mentor, Leon Moburg, known to many as “Moe.”  I met Moe in September of 1969 when as a freshman, I entered the University of Redlands. I was a declared art … Continue reading

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Alisha’s Littlest Pet Shop Charm Collection

When Alisha was 5 or 6 she would collect and play with the “Littlest Pet Shop” menageries.  She would be entertained for hours with miniature hamster habitrails or a litter of plastic kittens tucked into a plastic basket.  I indulged … Continue reading

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Marty’s Flat Dragon Ring in N.Y. Post’s Game of Thrones fashion article.

On March 26th, the N.Y. Post published the photo of my Flat Dragon Ring in their Game of Thrones inspired fashion photo gallery.   Although I e-mailed the photo editor several other dragon ring photos and dragon ear wrap photos, … Continue reading

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Snakes Alive!

My new sterling silver Python Snake Pendant has finally hatched.  For those of you interested in the scientific facts, pythons are egg layers but boa’s and vipers give live birth. Python Snake Pendant

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