Amazing Webs and Remarkable Spiders

I have just completed a new Spider and Spider Web design that is now available as a pendant and as earrings.  I hope that this dramatic piece will appeal to both nature lovers and to my Halloween jewelry collectors.

Silver Web and Bronze Spider Pendant

Silver Web and Bronze Spider Pendant

Several years back, a large hydrangea bush grew outside my office window. Dozens of beautiful and fat striped orb spiders made this bush their home and I loved to watch their activities. I would write notes to our gardeners cautioning them “Spiders live here; Do not prune this bush!”

Orb Spider outside my window

Orb Spider outside my office window

This Web and Spider design also makes a dramatic pair of earrings. One sterling silver web is home to the friendly Orb Spider and the other web hosts the venomous Black Widow Spider.

Large Web and Spider Earrings

Large Web and Spider Earrings

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