Dali’s Tree of Life Medallion

My husband, son and I recently returned from a trip to France and Spain with stops at many inspirational museums.  We stopped overnight in Figueres, Spain so that we could visit the Dali museum. The museum was intriguing to say the least and I believe that I am influenced by everything that I experience during my travels.

There is a separate Dali Jewelry museum that we visited and  as I was absorbed and overwhelmed by Dali’s excessive bling,  Art pulled me aside and pointed out a simple and beautiful golden Tree of Life Medallion.

Dali Tree of Life Medallion

Dali’s Tree of Life Medallion

Tree of Life imagery is a common thread throughout much of art and jewelry but I was awed by the simple beauty of his design and it touched a chord in my spirt and aesthetics since prior to this trip, I completed my own version in 14K gold of the Circle of Life Tree Pendant.  (Also available in sterling silver.)

Gold Circle of Life Tree Pendant designed by Marty

Gold Circle of Life Tree Pendant designed by Marty Magic

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  1. Nury says:

    Hi! I was just browsing through your etsy shop and I must say, all of your jewelry creations are stunning! Couldn’t find one piece that I didn’t like :)
    New fan from FLFB by the way!

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