Hat Guardians

Last year, my son John came up with the idea of wearing my bronze Sentry Dragon Ear Wrap on the rim of his Santa Cruz hat.  Since then,  John’s hat has been guarded by a watchful Sentry Dragon and he has sold several of these “Hat Dragons” to other young men.

Sentry Hat Dragon

Sentry Dragon Hat Guardian


Sentry Hat Dragon Guardian

John wearing a Sentry Hat Dragon








We experimented with other ear wrap designs to see if they might work as “Hat Guardians” as well and we came up with quite a few options. So for those of you who might not feel comfortable wearing an ear wrap every day, here is another way to flaunt your dragon, snake, mermaid or dolphin…..etc.

Cobra Hat Guardian

Cobra Hat Guardian

Throne Dragon Hat Guardian

Throne Dragon Hat Guardian









Some other ear wrap designs that will work well as “Hat Guardians” are Marty’s Wave Rider Mermaid Ear Wrap,  Classic Dragon Ear Wrap,  Dolphin Ear Wrap, Moon Ear WrapBat Ear Wrap and the dramatic Spider Web Ear Wrap.

Boys in the "Hood" wearing Hat Dragons.

Boys in the “Hood” wearing “Hat Dragons”


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3 Responses to Hat Guardians

  1. aquariann says:

    Awesome idea! Btw, thank you for the chance to win an ear cuff on FLFB!

  2. Stephanie LaPlante says:

    These are so unique! I love them. Visiting from FLFB. Thank-you for being awesome.

  3. Stephanie Lehr says:

    That was a great idea he had to get the male customers on board. I came over here from FLFB by the way. Thanks for offering up an ear cuff for contest.

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