Time Travel back to the 15th Century‏

I just returned from the Maryland Renaissance Festival, a marvelous event that I am fortunate to be a part of.  30 years ago, I purchased a tiny shop at this festival and over the years, I have expanded my Marty Magic presence and the fair has grown up around me.  I’ve an awesome crew in Maryland and each season I fly out for the 5th weekend of the festival to oversee my “Kingdom” and to meet my collectors.  Here are a few photos of our shop, the crew and the festival.

The festival spans 9 weekends from late August through the weekend of October 19-20.  There are still three weekends remaining, so polish your armor and  hoist your sword,  or screw on your peg leg and grab your parrot ……or lace up your corset and pursue your Romeo but whatever your fashion;  get thee to the fair on time!
Free Pewter Bat or Dragon Ear cuff with any purchase through the end of the Faire. The legal shmeagle stuff: You must ask, only one per customer and while the supply lasts.

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  1. Kay Zogg says:

    It was great meeting you! The iolite curled dragon ring has arrived and fits beautifully! Thanks so much!!

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