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Lord KraVen Wears Marty Magic Ear Wraps

I get many e-mails asking if I will recreate the Crescent Ear Wraps that I designed for Prince and Janelle Monáe. Although I have not signed a contract with Paisley Park, I decline reproducing the exact ones that Prince wears to … Continue reading

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Marty buys Peter Macchiarini Earrings

Yes friends and collectors, I too have an addiction for jewelry and often buy and wear jewelry other than my own. Over the years I have made many a pilgrimage to the Macchiarini Gallery on Grant Ave in North Beach, … Continue reading

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What to look for in a Fire Agate

                              Fire Agate is found predominately in Arizona, northern Mexico and in some parts of the southwestern United States. It was created by fire, (volcanic activity) … Continue reading

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Marty Magic goes to Bollywood

Last month we received an order for Sonam Kapoor, a Bollywood actress and the daughter of Bollywood superstar Anil Kapoor. Her stylist telephoned to ask if we had any Eagle Ear cuffs which we did not. Instead the stylist choose three … Continue reading

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Tropical Storm Sonia, Sunday, November 3

We greet the day as usual with sunrise salutations atop our roof.  Marshall calls up from the gateway of his property below and asks how the sky looks from above?  We report that the southern horizon is an ominous gray … Continue reading

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Dia de los Muertos – Saturday, November 2

It’s another beautiful day in paradise and after greeting the sunrise Art and I walk along the beach and turn up the second arroyo towards a friends vacation house. Art spent time with them last week and although they have … Continue reading

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La Fortuna or Bust – Friday, November 1

Our Baja schedule is usually one day spent at our house and on the beach alternated with a trip into town the following day. Today is a stay at home beach day and we greet the sunrise from our rooftop … Continue reading

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Baja Halloween – Thursday, October 31

We have fallen into a morning routine of waking before sunrise and climbing the wooden ladder up to our rooftop terrace to watch the sunrise. It is cool, breezy and gray this morning but just before the sunrise the sky … Continue reading

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Dancing to the Music – Wednesday October 30th

We wake before sunrise and climb the ladder up to our roof to watch the sunrise psychedelics unfold. It is spectacular show of vermillion, purple and orange climaxing with the blinding rays of the sun radiating up from the horizon.  Downstairs I … Continue reading

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Baja Bliss –Tuesday October 29th

The rugged topography below of weathered red rock mountains is breathtaking.  Aluvial fans spill forth from the mountains and arroyos snake  patterns in the landscape in their determined quest for the sea.  Irregular fingers of land dip into steely blue water and creamy … Continue reading

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