Lord KraVen Wears Marty Magic Ear Wraps

lord kraven wearing marty magic ear wrap

Lord KraVen wearing Marty Magic Incised Crescent Ear Wraps at the 2013 American Music Awards – photo credit- Frazer Harrison

I get many e-mails asking if I will recreate the Crescent Ear Wraps that I designed for Prince and Janelle Monáe. Although I have not signed a contract with Paisley Park, I decline reproducing the exact ones that Prince wears to maintain its “one-of-a-kind” status.

Some time back, the performer and musician Lord KraVen contacted me to inquire if I would create a pair of Crescent Ear Wraps for him. He wanted a completely unique design, so we came up with this excellent adaptation. As usual, I began by making a series of sketches, and then moved on to carving (photos below).

Although I am not good with a pencil, I am proficient with wax, and here you can see the the development of these ear wraps as they unfold from a vague idea into the reality of solid sterling silver.

marty magic ear wrap sketch

Two, of many sketches for Lord KraVen

marty magic ear wrap

Incised Crescent Wax for Lord KraVen







marty magic ear wrap

Completed Stelring Silver Incised Crescent Ear Wraps for Lord KraVen

Once Lord KraVen chose a sketch and the wax was made, the Marty Magic Team went into high gear. The 2013 American Music Awards were right around the corner, and he wanted wear his new piece on the red carpet. Today, one day after the awards, I received these photos of him wearing his Incised Crescent Ear Wraps:

lord kraven wearing marty magic ear wrap

I-Phone photo ofLord KraVen wearing Marty Magic’s Ear Wraps

lord kraven wearing marty magic ear wrap

iPhone photo of Lord KraVen wearing Marty Magic Ear Wraps










To Lord KraVen, we hope you enjoy your ear wraps! We’re looking forward to your next custom order!

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