Packing Orders and Packing our Bags for Myanmar and Cambodia

Today is December 19th.  With only 5 days left before Christmas all of  today’s orders were shipped priority or express mail in hopes that they arrive in time for Christmas. We have been crazy busy since before Thanksgiving shipping holiday orders. The only thing left now to pack are our suitcases for John’s and my trip to Cambodia and Myanmar.  (*I will be working daily until our departure and Alisha and Art and the Magic crew will remain at home and in the studio to make sure that orders in the New Year are fulfilled in my absence.)

Bagan Myanmar -Temples in the mist

Bagan Myanmar – Temples in the mist – Getty Images

John has a 6 week winter break from S.F.S.U. and the two of us are off on yet another adventure.  We traveled to Rajasthan, India, this past January and were amazed and inspired by the fortresses, palaces and temple ruins.  Highlights of our India trip were the remarkable temples of Khajuraho.  John is an appreciative and adventurous traveler and next on his bucket list was to visit the many temple sites in Angkor-wat. He turns 21 next week and my gift to him and also to myself will be traveling to Cambodia and Myanmar.

Kahjuraho - Photo by Marty Bobroskie

Khajuraho, India – Photo by Marty Bobroskie

Frieze Kahjuraho - photo by Marty Bobroskie

Frieze Khajuraho, India – photo by Marty Bobroskie








On January 1st, John and I fly to to Cambodia and from there to Myanmar.  The photos below are not mine, but I expect to take hundreds of photographs on our upcoming trip, to publish another travel magazine  and for my jewelry designs to take inspiration from our travels.

Temple-Angkor-wat -Cambodia

Ta Prom Temple – photo from:

Angkor-wat -Cambodia

Angkor-wat – photo from:



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