Vintage Raining Cats and Dogs Earrings

Raining Cats and Dogs Earrings

Raining Cats and Dogs Earrings

I am reissuing six “vintage” pairs of my Raining Cats and Dogs earrings. 23 years ago, in 1991, I conceived and executed these whimsical and impractical earrings. They were a big hit at the Art and Wine Festivals and I sold quite a few pairs. Because many cats and dogs were needed for each pair, and assembling them was labor intensive, “chaining” the many cats and dogs that rained down from the cloud took more time than I had. I assigned the assembly to my friend, Hazel, who at that time was my sales assistant at the summer festivals. Back then we were both preoccupied with raising our children and the unassembled parts for the Raining Cats and Dogs earrings, were tucked away, to await sunnier days.

The bag with the stray cats and dogs has been collecting dust in my studio for years. With the expectation and promise of April showers, my talented and cheerful daughter, Alisha has embraced the challenge of chaining the remaining cats and dogs to their thunder clouds. The recently available six pairs of earrings are delightful and delicate.  Each jump ring is tightly closed but cannot be soldered. The earrings should not be worn with long hair or with scarves casually thrown around ones neck. Pull your hair back and flaunt the whimsey of these unique, vintage earrings.

Assembling the Cats and Dogs

Assembling the Cats and Dogs

The photo above is taken at Alisha’s corner desk in what used to be her brother John’s room. John is now 21 and attending U.C.S.F. which is a good thing because we needed his room for Alisha’s office and workspace.  Many years ago, Art made the expansive corner desk out of plywood  and John decorated it with graffiti during his junior high and high school years.  The 1992 Marty Magic catalogue is pictured beside the scattered cats and dogs.

P.S. When I designed these earrings in 1991, Alisha was just seven years old.  She is now 29 years old with a seven year old daughter of her own; (and a three year old son:)  Is it just coincidence that the dogs barked and the cats meowed in the spring of 2014?

Update: 4/24/2014 – Sold Out!  The first five pairs have already found homes. We are keeping the last pair for our collection.




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2 Responses to Vintage Raining Cats and Dogs Earrings

  1. Frank Williams says:

    My wife would love these she has a couple of other items of yours but these are so cool and fitting for us as we have 7 dogs and one cat

    • marty says:

      Hi Frank, Oh My! Seven dogs and just one cat! That’s a lot of mouths to feed. We would be happy to assemble one of the remaining 5 pairs with more dogs than cats:) Marty and Alisha

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