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Mother’s Day for Morticia and Lily

                      What do you gift your mother if her tastes are more like those of Morticia Addams or Lily Munster?                

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Introducing Alisha’s Nautilus Pendant

Alisha and I seem to be obsessed with tentacles. Alisha just completed the wax for a whimsical and wonderful Nautilus Pendant.  On our recent buying trip to Tucson, she purchased  a number of tiny fossilized ammonite shells with the intent … Continue reading

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Introducing the Balerion Dragon Ear Wrap – Born of Fire and Ice

My Balerion Dragon Ear Wrap will soon take flight; Guardian of both Fire and Ice and inspired by the Game of Thrones. Balerion is my newest and most elaborate dragon ear wrap creation to date.  I have spent countless hours designing … Continue reading

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Petits Bon-Hommes Porcelaine Orphans

In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines, lived twelve little girls in two straight lines. Madeline, by Ludwig Bemelman, 1939 I own a vintage copy of Madeline’s Rescue and remember my mother reading me all of the … Continue reading

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Godzilla Meets Marty Magic

Godzilla and I have a long history together. Thirty years ago, I went into labor while watching the VHS tape, Godzilla versus the Zero Monster. We lived far up in the Santa Cruz mountains and my mother was staying with … Continue reading

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Introducing the Celebrity Style Crescent Ear Wrap

Our new Celebrity Style Crescent Ear Wrap makes its debut! This is another collaborative design project between my husband Art and myself. In late fall of 2013, R&B musician Janelle Monae’s stylist contacted us to create a custom ear wrap design for … Continue reading

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Poseidon’s Gift – Octopus and Starfish Ear Cuff

Alisha’s newest design, Poseidon’s Gift Ear Cuff, is available at last and it was worth waiting for!  This is only her second season designing jewelry and this piece is exquisite.  A detailed and fluid octopus, entwining seaweed, star fish and … Continue reading

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The Maiden Voyage of the Nautilus Submarine

Art’s and my Squid Attacks the Nautilus Submarine Pendant is ready for it’s maiden voyage.  Lower the periscope,  batten down the hatches, fill the ballasts and submerge for 20,000 fathoms of adventure. The ticket price is quite reasonable. This collaborative design, … Continue reading

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