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A Blast From the Past

I was recently looking through old photographs and came across this early photo of me at one of my first craft shows. I believe my mother took this photo at the Palos Verdes craft festival in the summer of 1976. … Continue reading

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Lotus Dream Ear Cuff

              Alisha has just completed her wax carving of the Lotus Dream Ear Cuff.  Her three dimensional Lotus Flower encircles the edge of the ear, it’s stem gracefully curling down along the ear lobe. … Continue reading

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Horsing Around – Good Luck Horseshoes

The horse is a symbol of power and passion with an appetite for freedom. Each culture and era has it’s unique interpretation of the horse spirit, all of them powerful and magical. It has been many years  since I have … Continue reading

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Mandrake Root Charm

Why has it taken me so long to design a Mandrake Root Charm? I have seen all the Harry Potter movies and watched Pan’s Labyrinth and throughout history, the mandrake root has been steeped in magical lore. Pictured below is … Continue reading

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