Jewelry Design is a Family Affair

At Marty Magic, jewelry design is truly a family affair – especially now that school’s out!

2015 – An update on the creative energy going on this summer in the Marty Magic Studio.  John is home for the summer and not wanting to be left out of the creative loop, he set up his own wax carving station and just designed this striking and unique “Heartbeat Amulet.” His design incorporates a beautiful 13.5 Ct Moldavite, an 11.5 Ct Arizona Fire Agate and a 2.5 Ct Australian Opal. Flower of Life patterns are etched on the back side of the pendant. It will be cast in sterling silver and if I can tear the finished piece away from John it will be available in mid September.

Heartbeat Amulet by John Bobroskie

Heartbeat Amulet by John Bobroskie 2015

magnifying goggles for jewelry design

Molly with magnifying goggles – Summer 2014








2014 – My granddaughter Molly doesn’t start summer camp until next week, and in the mean time she’s helping us in the studio! Molly became fascinated with wax carving – the first step in the jewelry design process we use – after watching her mother, Alisha, and I work. It looks like she’s following in Alisha’s footsteps as the next MartyMagic jewelry design whiz! In the photos below you can see her starting to carve out a starfish. I think it’s a great idea for the Octopus Garden Collection!

lost wax jewelry design

Molly and John carving waxes

lost wax jewelry design

Molly experimenting with wax








My son John is also home for the summer, on break from his studies at San Francisco State University. Here you can see him showing his girlfriend Steph and his cousin Tim the technique of wax carving. Tim is here on vacation from his home in Florida. It’s the first time we’ve met him, and his first trip out to California! It’s heartwarming to see everyone bonding over jewelry design. The two-person work station is a bit crowded, but creativity flows in spite of limited space!

lost wax jewelry design

John and Stephanie wax carving – 2014

Lightning Skull Wax

2014 Lightning Skull Wax- front and back view. John Bobroskie







We’ve found that the “family business” has become much more than just a business. Do you have a shared craft in  your family? We’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.

Wax Carving - A Family Affair

Wax Carving – A Family Affair -2014

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  1. Dorothy Thompson says:

    When I first saw the picture of Molly in the magnifying glasses, I thought it was Alisha! There are some strong genes in the Macklin family. How fun to see you all creating together. It reminds me of the time our family visited yours at Bonny Doon, and we all tried to sculpture in wax. That was such a wonderful visit.

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