Meet Spike, Son of the Venerable Swooping Dragon

Spike, Son of the Venerable Swooping Dragon

Spike, Son of the Venerable Swooping Dragon

The Classic Swooping Dragon

The Classic Swooping Dragon









Meet Spike, (left) the son of my venerable Swooping Dragon Pendant, (right.) As the lyrics to Puff the Magic Dragon say; old dragons do slip off into their cave. I carved the classic, Swooping Dragon Pendant over 20 years ago and old dragons and old molds require updating.  Spike is the offspring of my classic Swooping Dragon and I hope that my collectors will grow to love “Spike” as much as they have his father. (Spike is quite proud of his spiky back ridge and his mischievous grin:)

Spike has been trained in the fine art of fire-breathing, but Spike’s aim is not always true so should you adopt him, be prepared to discipline and train this spirited dragon who, with proper training and respect will become your loyal guardian and friend.

*The Classic Swooping Dragon is on sale until his species becomes extinct.

In 1962, I remember being on a road trip with my parents when Puff the Magic Dragon came on the car radio.  I was just eleven years old and my parents turned up the radio and told me to listen to the song. This was long before the time of seat belts and I remember leaning far over from the back seat into the front seat, straining to hear the lyrics.  I have been smitten with dragons ever since hearing Peter Paul and Mary sing this song.

Book Cover - Puff the Magic Dragon by Lenny Lipton and Peter Yarrow

Book Cover – Puff the Magic Dragon, lyrics by Lenny Lipton and Peter Yarrow, illustrated by Eric Puybaret.

My father was a professor and chairman of the geology department at U.C.L.A. Folk music emanated from his study in the evenings and I grew up listing to the songs of Peter Paul and Mary, Joan Baez, Harry Belafonte and the Kingston Trio.

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