New Jewelry Designs from Marty Magic

Between answering phone calls and emails, packing orders to ship, and making lunch for the Marty Magic crew (her most important job, they contend), it’s a wonder that Marty ever finds time to sleep. Somehow, though, she still manages to come up with new jewelry designs!

Marty usually creates her new jewelry designs before her show season begins but in spite of the chaos of show planning, she has managed to create a few new designs.

wax jewelry design ear cuffs

Ninja Stars Stacking Ear Cuffs – separated…

wax jewelry design ear cuff

Ninja Stars Stacking Ear Cuffs combined!

Inspired by shuriken “throwing stars” of Japanese martial arts, the Ninja Star Stacking Ear Cuff Combo  adds a touch of ninja-punk style to the wearer’s ear. We think it will be great for anime fans, too! Marty has also been hard at work transforming her Spirit Horse and Balarion Dragon designs into brand-new pendants. All three will be available in mid-September.

wax jewelry design dragon

Marty carving the new Balerion Dragon Pendant

wax jewelry design horse

Marty carving the new Spirit Horse Pendant

Marty is also working on a Frankenstein charm, and expects to have the wax completed soon! Watch out for Frankenstein lurching  your way by the middle of October. Just in time for Halloween!

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Lighting Skull wax pendant designed by John B.

Lighting Skull wax pendant designed by Marty’s son, John

wax jewelry design frankenstein

Wax of the new Frankenstein Pendant

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