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Jaguar outside the Tambopata Research Center in Peru. Photo (c) Alex Garcia, 2014

Come with us…it’s time for an adventure. Too busy? No problem. You don’t even have to leave your seat. It’s time for an armchair safari with MartyMagic. To help you get ready, we’re offering 15% off all African Safari and Rainforest jewelry collections. Just imagine the possibilities…

Elephants, Ruckomechi, Zimbabwe

Elephants, Ruckomechi, Zimbabwe  Photo (c) Marty Bobroskie, 2012

The nose of your canoe cuts gently through the muddy water, and the river stretches far ahead, glinting in the sun. The banks are lined with giant trunks that explode in dense canopies of leaves far above. Technicolor macaws perch on outstretched branches, monkeys hoot and swing,  and somewhere in the undergrowth slinks a jaguar.

rainforest jewelry - silver macaw pendant  rainforest jewelry - jaguar charm  rainforest jewelry - spider monkey charm

As you ease your canoe around a bend, you notice the landscape has changed: the trees are shorter, and the grass  is higher. This is savannah land, and you watch as a family of elephants ambles by, trunks swinging. In the distance, a pride of lions snoozes under a lone baobab tree.

rainforest jewelry  - lion head charm  vine snake pendant  Tree Sloth Pendant

While the sunset  fades  from orange to purple,  you pull your canoe to the river bank and find a place to sit. The night is alive here, and the air fills with the sounds of insects chirping and buzzing. The moon is full and you can see the outlines of bats as they swoop in pursuit of prey. Frogs croak and splash, and — was that a pair of eyes shining in the forest? Perhaps it was a python, coiled in a tree for the night, or perhaps a gorilla, come to see you, its strange simian cousin.

rainforest jewelry - bat earrings   rainforest jewelry - tree frog charm  dragonfly pendant

If you’re ready, open your eyes. Pretty amazing, right? If you’d like a keepsake of your journey, make sure to check out our full range of rainforest jewelry at the MartyMagic Shop or the MartyMagic Etsy. For more on Marty’s real-life travels, make sure to stop by her Travel Blog.

Fruit Bats, Flores, Indonesia 2008

Fruit Bats, Flores, Indonesia 2008

Walking sticks - Ecuador

Walking sticks – Ecuador








Until next time, bon voyage!


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