Scorpio Rising

Scorpion Pendant by Marty Magic

Scorpion Pendant by Marty Magic

In August we wrote about Marty’s childhood spent in the Mojave desert of Southern California, and how the critters she encountered there have inspired her jewelry. Scorpions were common in the desert by her family’s adobe cottage, and their strange, angular beauty is the inspiration behind this   “striking ” Scorpion Pendant.

Left: Illustration of Scorpio from “Urania’s Mirror,” Right: Illustration of Scorpio from Medieval Astrology text.

The symbol of the scorpion is filled with mystic and astrological symbolism. Scorpions are featured prominently in the ancient Greek zodiac, a star map based around twelve constellations that rotate through the sky on an annual cycle. The eighth constellation is “Scorpio” (also called “Scorpius” in astronomy), which appears in the Western sky from October 23rd through November 21st, and features a long tail and pincers, just like its namesake.

The Greek myth behind the naming of this constellation tells of an argument between the gods Orion and Artemis. The story begins when Orion, thinking himself a great hunter, brags to Artemis that he could kill all of the animals in the entire world. Artemis is angered by Orion’s pride, and sends a scorpion to battle Orion. Orion is quickly defeated, and Zeus then sends both scorpion and hunter to the sky as a warning to those would threaten the creations of the gods in the future.

Constellation Scorpius, Photo by Till Credner of

Constellation Scorpius, Photo by Till Credner of

In modern astrology, being born under the sign of Scorpio is associated with traits such as independence, intense curiosity, introspection, a quick temper, and a strong sense of determination. Interestingly, despite scorpions’ affinity for deserts, Scorpio is considered a “Water Sign.” This designation imparts Scorpios with an overall quality of fluidity or flexibility in their personalities, as well as a reliance on intuition. Water Signs – Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces – are also marked by a deep understanding of emotions, both their own and in others.

We hope that Scorpios, Astrologers, Biologists, and those with a taste for outrageous jewelry will enjoy the mystique of  our Scorpion Pendant. You can capture this sterling silver beauty now at


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