Silverormen by Philip Birk – Silver Vine Snake by Marty Magic

Last Fall, Philip Birk of Sweden contacted me to ask permission to use the image of my sterling silver Vine Snake Pendant for the cover of his book, Silverormen. Silvoromen is the second and final book in a series about a 16 year old plebeian man during the Civil War in Rome, 2100 years ago.  The author, Philip Birk is a talented and ambitious young man in his early twenties. Philip self published this book, via Vulkan, and has dedicated it to his parents. He is currently working as an accountant, (and of course a new book!)

Book Cover - Silverormen by Philip Birk

Book Cover – Silverormen  by Philip Brik

I am delighted that he choose the photo of my Vine Snake Pendant for the cover of his book. Photo credit for the image goes to George Post.

The book is written in Swedish but below is the English translation e-mailed to me by Philip Birk.

In the Northeastern province of Hispania waged a battle between legate Decimus troops and the mix of Spaniards and Romans rebelling under Sertorius flag. In the fierce battle for freedom no one takes into consideration that Romans are fighting on both sides, and being greatly outnumbered, Decimus and his soldiers stands on the verge of disaster, entirely depending on Lucius reinforcements rushing to the rescue.

When Caesar arrives at the port of Ostia, he does it as a hero after defeating Captain Trondor and bringing hundreds of pirates home to Rome in chains. His success on the Mediterranean sea is the start of a rising popularity in Rome’s delicate circuitry, but behind the successful facade there are worries that weigh Caesar – he has borrowed large loans from tycoon Crassus and his wife Cornelia is deeply depressed.

The assassin Ceilus Tugna is coming closer to his goal to destroy Decimus. He has not forgotten the promise he gave Sulla before his death, and will do everything in his power to murder the plebeian who betrayed his master.

Silverormen is the second and final part in the series about Marcus Decimus. In high tempo you follow the ending of the journey, when the threads are tied together and it is revealed who is friend and who is foe in a Rome where no one can be trusted.

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