Python Ear Wrap worn by Sofia Boutella in the Remake of the Mummy

In April of 2016, the costume administrator of Sarcophagus Films in the U.K. ordered several of each of my Python Ear Wrap, Cobra Ear Wrap and Snake Ear Cuff. I promptly shipped the order and didn’t think much more about it.

Sofia Boutella, wearing Marty Magic Python Ear Wrap

Sofia Boutella, wearing Marty Magic Python Ear Wrap – Universal Studios

A week later I received panicky e-mail informing me that  that the package had not arrived in spite of the official notice of delivery conformation. My antenna’s perked up when I was told that my ear cuffs and ear wraps were slated to be worn by an undisclosed actress who would be the Mummy in the upcoming film; Remake of the Mummy, with an expected release of June, 2017. Sarcophagus Films was somehow related to Universal films and Tom Cruise would star in the film.

Sarcophagus Films arranged for a courier service that came to my studio and picked up a replacement order to expedite the shipping of my ear cuffs to wherever? I retuned to my routine of designing jewelry and running the Marty Magic business.

A week or so later, Sarcophagus Films placed another order and sent a courier to my studio for pick up. Awake now, I asked about their intention for my copyrighted Python Ear Wrap and Cobra and Snake Ear Cuffs? I was told in confidence that “The Mummy” would be wearing these pieces. I was also asked to keep this information in confidence which I have until now. I now have permission to disclose this.

A few days ago, a friend sent me a link to the image above! Sofia Boutella, the slated Mummy, is wearing my Python Ear Wrap in this gorgeous photograph that I credit to Universal Studios.

I know little about this film except that it presents us with a New World of Gods and Monsters and that we will meet a Mummy Princess, wearing my Python Ear Wrap who will claim ALL that she has been denied.

The gorgeous photo below is of my Python Ear Wrap, photographed by Jeremy Bot and  modeled by Teresa Maher.

Python Ear Wrap and Alpha Omega Snake Ring

Photo by Jeremey Bot, Model Teresa Maher


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2 Responses to Python Ear Wrap worn by Sofia Boutella in the Remake of the Mummy

  1. Amy says:

    I’m glad you got recognition unlike when Star Trek used your stuff.

    • marty says:

      Hi Amy, It is doubtful that my name will be in the film credits but at least Sarcophagus Films/ Universal, paid me for the Python Ear Wraps and I hold the very official copyright paper for this design. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie!

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