Celebration 2017

Nearly a year ago on April 21st, Prince died at his recording studio and home in Chanhassen Minnesota. In honor of Prince’s life and on the first anniversary of his death, a four day Celebration will take place at the Paisley Park complex between April 20 – April 23. Celebration 2017 organizers write: “ bringing together of musicians, creative personnel, special guest and friends who worked closest with Prince and knew him best, these four days will feature live music, panel discussions and presentations on Prince’s tremendous talent, influence and importance as a composer, musician, producer, live performer and filmmaker.”

Celebration 2017 Event Poster

Celebration 2017 Event Poster

Many of you know that since 1998 Prince wore ear wraps that I designed.  My Crescent Moon Ear Wrap morphed into his iconic Crescent Ear Wrap set with 7 CZ’s. He also wore pairs of my Dolphin Ear Wraps, Comet Ear Wraps and Wave Ear Cuffs. I have been especially busy over the past few weeks, making and shipping many of the ear wrap designs that Prince wore. I surmise this is because of the upcoming Celebration to honor Prince’s legacy.

Crescent Pendant set with Purple CZ's

Crescent Pendant set with Purple CZ’s

As a special request from a customer, Ro, I created a Crescent Pendant set with 7 Purple CZ’s. She intends to wear the pendant to the Celebration. Last week, she contacted me to tell me she had an extra VIP ticket to the Celebration Event and asked if I would like to attend? It was a very generous offer but I needed a little time to consider and rearrange my schedule. My schedule is now cleared and my plane ticket purchased and I am looking forward to attending the Celebration as well as looking forward to meeting Ro and making a new friend.

Stay tuned for a follow up blog post, post event.



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6 Responses to Celebration 2017


    will you be selling those necklaces?

    • marty says:

      The Pewter Symbol Love Pendants that were previously for sale were ones that I created prior to Prince’s death and had on reserve for Paisley Park. I will not be creating any versions of the Love Symbol at this time however all of the ear cuffs and ear wraps that Price wore are available for sale on my web site.

  2. Abel says:

    that is awesome and going to be an incredible experience, seeing as how your ear wraps are now iconically synonymous with Prince, its only fitting. I cant wait to see and read about your experience

  3. susana farinha says:

    Dear marty, thats amazing!! Do wish you the best! I feel happy your design is now so close ro prince rogers nelson! He loved your creations! We saw him often with them!! Congratulations! Kisses, susana from lisbon

  4. Yvette Gordillo says:

    I hadn’t even heard of this celebration for Prince! Would LOVE to have gone. Have fun for the rest of us Marty! Maybe you’ll run into Sheila E. there? I gave her my Marty Magic Prince pewter pendant when I saw her at the Wolftrap Barns in Nov. She opened with “When Doves Cry” and a wonderful tribute to Prince. I showed Sheila’s helpers who I gave the Prince pendant to the Dolphin ear wrap I also got from you. I get a lot of compliments every time I wear it. May I ask how much the pendant was? You know amethyst is my birthstone and purple is my favorite color. LOL Bon Voyage and safe trip. Will you be at the MDRF again this year?

    • marty says:

      Hi Yvette, I returned from the Celebration Monday night and just finished a blog post about the event. I hope to get permission to add some Steve Parke photos to my post shortly. The Crescent pendant with the CZ’s is the same price as the Ear Wrap. $479.00 I will post one for sale early next week. And yes….I will be at the MDRF this September.

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