A Toast to My Collectors

Although I have been making jewelry since I was a young girl, I consider the official beginning of  my business to be 1978 when I first sold my jewelry at the Union Street Art Fair in San Francisco. At that time, I had no idea that I would be in business 39 years later. It is thanks to my many loyal and long time customers that my business has flourished.

Over the years, many of my collectors have become my friends who inspire my creatiivity and challenge me to design more complex and elaborate pieces.

Mina and Kim holding the Gold Dragon Marty Magic Jewelry Box

Mina and Kim holding the Gold Dragon Marty Magic Jewelry Box

Kim has an extensive collection of my jewelry including many 18K gold, one of a kind dragon creations. She is such a dragon fanatic that she and Mina named their gluten free bakery Ducks and Dragons Bakery. The delicious treats they have brought to me at the shows are mouthwatering. Her personalized license plate is DRAGON8.

Kim wearing the 18K gold, Crystal Illusion Dragon.

Kim wearing her 18K gold Crystal Illusion Dragon.

Christian bedecked with Marty Magic Dragon Jewelry

Christiana bedecked with Dragon Jewelry










Christiana, an avid dragon collector,  is pictured above wearing an extensive array of Marty Magic Dragon Jewelry. Although I am not using last names in this post, let it be known that her last name is a derivative of Dragon. Lucky Gal!

An Ocean of Rings on her Fingers Judy

The Octopus Bracelet and an ocean of silver rings on Judy’s fingers.

Michiko wearing the Gold and Diamond Rose Bracelet and Jeweled Crown Ring

Michiko wearing her Gold and Diamond Rose Bracelet and Jeweled Crown Ring










Judy has been collecting Marty Magic Jewelry since the early 1980’s. Her quick wit, big heart and her Marty Magic ring collection can’t be rivaled. Michiko has diverse tastes in what she collects. She is drawn to my romantic designs as well as dragon and ocean themed designs.  We have enjoyed watching her and Ralph’s boys grow from babies into young men.

Tracey's Marty Magic Vintage Collection.

Tracey’s Marty Magic Vintage Collection.

Tracey wearing Vintage Marty Magic Jewelry

Tracey wearing Vintage Marty Magic Jewelry





Tracey's Marty Magic Jewelry collection

Tracey’s Marty Magic Ring Collection


Tracey's Marty Magic Jewelry collection

Tracey’s Marty Magic Jewelry collection









Tracey might need to start Marty Magic Jewelry Anonymous meetings. The photos above are just a small part of her extensive collection. Not only does she shop martymagic.com but she scours ebay for vintage Marty Magic Jewelry.

Dragon and Phoenix Tiara

Dragon and Phoenix Tiara

I custom designed this Dragon and Phoenix Tiara for Carson to wear on her 11/11/11 wedding in Las Vegas.  The phoenix is cast in gold and the dragon is cast in sterling silver. Both phoenix and dragon are embellished with stunning opals. Bringing this tiara to fruition was both challenging and rewarding.

Mary's 18K gold, Rainbow Prism Opal Ring

Mary’s 18K gold, Rainbow Prism Opal Ring

Gloria's 18K gold Fire and Ice Octopus Ring

Gloria’s 18K gold Fire and Ice Octopus Ring










I custom designed the above Rainbow Prism Opal Ring for Mary. She came to the house to choose an opal and we discussed the ring design. When she received her ring she sent me the following e-mail: “O. My Gosh, The package arrived this morning while I was out….I came back to this…magical, mystical, fantastic, phantasmagoric…work of art. The indirect light from the skylights in our kitchen and family room open the depths of this opal, inviting sheer blissful contemplation and serene daydreaming. I may never accomplish one more task. Thank you so much! – Mary”

Abel rocking the Moon Ear Wrap

Super Prince fan, Abel, rocking the Moon Ear Wrap

Alberto wearing the large bronze Bat on hat with Natalia and Frida

Alberto, beside Natalia and Frida, his hat embellished with the large Bronze Bat.










There are many men who collect my work and wear it will panache! Thank you Abel for the heartfelt Facebook and Instagram posts and Alberto and family for bringing the Marty Magic crew homemade tamales at the festivals when we are too busy to leave our booth.


Gloria's Tentacle Twist Ring Martini Toast

Gloria’s Tentacle Twist Octopus Ring martini toast

Gloria has an extensive collection of my one of a kind designs including the Fire and Ice Octopus Ring pictured earlier in this post.  She posted the photo above on Facebook, where she is wearing a gold Tentacle Twist octopus thumb ring and enjoying a martini.

I toast to all of my fabulous friends and collectors who have supported and challenged my creativity to blossom throughout these many years.

Although there are many of you who I have not mentioned, I love seeing every one of you and hearing about your lives, adventures and milestones. I am honored that 39 years later, there is a third generation collecting my jewelry and parents and grandparents are passing their Marty Magic Jewelry down through the generations. Thank you all for enriching my life.

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2 Responses to A Toast to My Collectors

  1. Paul & Brigitte Krotts says:

    How time flys. My wife bought her first ring at the Walnut Festival in ’78, the same year we married. “The panther ring ” as we call it. The last ring your octopus a year ago not to mention everything in between.

    • marty says:

      Hi Paul and Brigitte, Alisha and I flew to Indonesia the day that your comment came in. I only just noticed it now. 1978! Wow! That was the first year that Scott and I began doing art shows and we’re still doing shows and I continue to design jewelry, 39 years later. Thank you for being an early on supporter. You business and enthusiasm is much appreciated!

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