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Purple Reign – My Business with Prince and Paisley Park

My introduction to Prince was at the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco on May 23rd 1986. It was his Parade, Hit n Run Tour. Generous friends had purchased third row seats and invited me to the concert. Twelve years later, … Continue reading

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Silverormen by Philip Birk – Silver Vine Snake by Marty Magic

Last Fall, Philip Birk of Sweden contacted me to ask permission to use the image of my sterling silver Vine Snake Pendant for the cover of his book, Silverormen. Silvoromen is the second and final book in a series about … Continue reading

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Grandfather’s Clock

I was fortunate that as a child my parents read to me.  My father read to me from the Jungle Book, Robinson Crusoe and Treasure Island,  just to name a few. My mother read me what was age appropriate beginning … Continue reading

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Chameleons – Super Heros of the Old World Lizard Clade.

Chameleons are just about the coolest animal on this planet. They have super powers and can make themselves invisible and look in two directions at once!  They have ballistic tongues that project with incredible speed and impact to catch prey; … Continue reading

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Marty’s Frogs Hop to Shedd Aquarium

Many of you know that nature is my greatest design inspiration. I have traveled to jungles and rain forests, archipelagos, coral reefs, deserts, plains and mountains. Spotting a heard of elephants or a pride of lions in Africa is exciting but … Continue reading

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Sneak Preview of New Designs for 2015

Marty has just completed the wax carving for a new Wave Ear Wrap. We are taking pre-sale orders for the sterling silver version that will be availalbe in late February. A powerful and graceful wave crests over the top of the ear … Continue reading

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Ring in the New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! For us here at Marty Magic, the cycling of the seasons and the “ringing” in of the New Year brings rings to mind! We celebrate these beginnings and endings with our January ring sale. This time … Continue reading

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Anglerfish Lurks Beneath Monterey Bay

The Black Sea Devil Anglerfish is a fearsome critter that lives deep in the undersea canyons in the Monterey Bay. Aptly named for its monstrous fangs, it becomes a little less scary when you realize it’s only a few inches long. Back … Continue reading

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Counterfeit Marty Magic Ear Cuffs

Today, most of us cannot imagine life without the internet and Google available to answer our every question and shopping need. Just five years ago, internet shopping was in a fledgling state and consumers spent most of their holiday budget … Continue reading

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Storybook Tales: The Owl & The P-Cat

This month we’re celebrating our Storybook Collection. In light of this, we’d like to share some interesting stories about the stories, including a comparison of famous story books vs. their movie counterparts, and  the account of how Marty once ran (innocently) afoul of … Continue reading

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