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Tucson Rocks!

Alisha, John and I returned last night from the 2017 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. We had a great time and a successful treasure hunt, ferreting out all kinds of gems, minerals and fossils. We did our best to stick … Continue reading

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Allegoria Della Scoperta dell’ America

Just last week, I returned from a trip to Italy, Croatia and Amsterdam. As artists, our focus was the art and we visited some of the finest museums in the world.  The Vatican Museum, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and … Continue reading

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Walk of Atonement – Game of Thrones Inspiration

Episodes of the Game of Thrones were filmed in Dubrovnik and just last week I was standing on this very spot where a wide and elegant marble stairway ascends to an upper plaza. This stone stairway was featured in the … Continue reading

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Baja Inspiration

Many of you know that traveling is a passion of mine and Baja is one of my favorite destinations. As the daughter of a field geologist, I spent much of my childhood camping in both the deserts of Southern California … Continue reading

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Adventures in the Azores, Part 1

Marty’s son John is currently off on another great adventure — this time in the Azores Islands! John’s girlfriend Steph has family there, and the pair went to visit and explore the islands. Marty’s been getting periodic updates through her phone … Continue reading

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African Safari & Rainforest Jewelry

Come with us…it’s time for an adventure. Too busy? No problem. You don’t even have to leave your seat. It’s time for an armchair safari with MartyMagic. To help you get ready, we’re offering 15% off all African Safari and … Continue reading

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Godzilla Meets Marty Magic

Godzilla and I have a long history together. Thirty years ago, I went into labor while watching the VHS tape, Godzilla versus the Zero Monster. We lived far up in the Santa Cruz mountains and my mother was staying with … Continue reading

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Back Home and Inspired

A few days ago, John and I returned from three weeks in Cambodia and Myanmar. The adventure has inspired and recharged me and in the evenings, after a busy day of designing and wearing the “Marty Magic Hat”, I edit … Continue reading

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Packing Orders and Packing our Bags for Myanmar and Cambodia

Today is December 19th.  With only 5 days left before Christmas all of  today’s orders were shipped priority or express mail in hopes that they arrive in time for Christmas. We have been crazy busy since before Thanksgiving shipping holiday … Continue reading

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Tropical Storm Sonia, Sunday, November 3

We greet the day as usual with sunrise salutations atop our roof.  Marshall calls up from the gateway of his property below and asks how the sky looks from above?  We report that the southern horizon is an ominous gray … Continue reading

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