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New Species of Nautilus Discovered!

Swimming in from stage right  are three of Alisha’s new and fabulous, Fossilized Ammonite Nautilus Necklaces. The creation process for this design has been long and fraught with challenges but the end result has been worth the headache and stress. … Continue reading

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A Blast From the Past

I was recently looking through old photographs and came across this early photo of me at one of my first craft shows. I believe my mother took this photo at the Palos Verdes craft festival in the summer of 1976. … Continue reading

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Lotus Dream Ear Cuff

              Alisha has just completed her wax carving of the Lotus Dream Ear Cuff.  Her three dimensional Lotus Flower encircles the edge of the ear, it’s stem gracefully curling down along the ear lobe. … Continue reading

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Poseidon’s Gift – Octopus and Starfish Ear Cuff

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and delightful name suggestions! A month ago Alisha posted photos of her wax carving for a new ocean themed ear cuff and ran a Facebook competition asking our fans and followers to help her … Continue reading

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Christmas Lizards!

Between orders, Marty and Alisha took a break today to get into the Christmas spirit.  We have several office and studio mascots; our favorite being our three Bearded Dragon Lizards. Show, Sprite and Munchie tolerate our presence in the office … Continue reading

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Pirates, Rogues and Princesses

The California Renaissance Festival takes place 5 weekends each year.  Two weekends ago, I went on a “busman’s holiday” and took my family to the Northern Renaissance Faire at Casa de Fruta.                 … Continue reading

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Fabulously Fashionable Mountain View Customers

We just finished the Mountain View Art and Wine Festival.  The shows are hard work but it’s great fun to see our regular friends and collectors and to make new connections! This stylish couple caught our attention and posed for … Continue reading

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Marty Magic Travel Magazine first issue!

              Marty Magic Travel Spring 2013                    88 pages, published 8/20/2013        The first issue of Marty Magic Travel magazine. Marty and John travel … Continue reading

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Celebrating My Remarkable Mother on Mother’s Day and Every Day

Betty  – 1920 – 2007 Betty  – about 1980                     Betty – about 1941                       Betty – about 1929 My mother … Continue reading

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Celebrate your Extraordinary Mother

Forget the flowers and the candy.  Let her know how unique and special she really is! Below  are 7 extraordinary gift suggestions. Free upgraded priority shipping for orders placed by Wednesday, May 8th.  Just ask in the comment area of your … Continue reading

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